About Me


  • I believe birth is a normal, healthy event.
  • I believe in the ability of a woman’s body to nurture a child through pregnancy, birth, and lactation.
  • I believe women know their bodies and their babies best.
  • I believe education is crucial so that informed choice truly exists.
  • I believe safe, beneficial care is about a mutual exchange of trust, information, communication, and responsibility.
  • I believe that the education and empowerment found through birth benefits not only the mother and child, but also her family and the community that surrounds her.
  • I believe homebirth is as much about safety as it is about comfort.
  • I believe that a majority of births happen without intervention when allowed the time and respect to occur.




Sarah Bradbury, DNP, ARNP, CNM

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife who is excited to offer the option of homebirth to women and families in our Siouxland community.

I started my journey as a tech in a local obstetrics department. I loved witnessing birth and joining families for the amazing journey. I soon realized there had to be something different. I could not believe that some women could come in and powerfully birth babies, while so many others were convinced they needed delivering. I also became frustrated with the disconnect of being part of such a significant event, yet in the midst of no previous or ongoing interaction. I received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Morningside College in 2005 before moving to Topeka, Kansas, where I began working at a freestanding birth center. It was everything I knew had to be out there. The blessing of bonding with a couple before sharing in their birth and the joy of seeing them as they became a family was amazing. Also, the attitude towards women was so drastically different. Women were respected and regarded as experts in their own care; they were trusted, listened to, and empowered to make the decisions that impacted their care. In May 2006, I started midwifery school and I graduated from the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing with a Masters of Science in Nursing for Nurse-Midwifery in June 2008. I continued working part time at the birth center before moving back to Sioux City. Serenity Birthing Services was established in January of 2010. I have had the joy of helping many families welcome new little ones. In 2019, I completed my Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Frontier Nursing University.

I am blessed to be married to my best friend and on this adventure of raising 4 great kids.